General / Off-Topic Coughing up a lung

I've never been one for medical photos.

I fully respect the profession but I can't imagine having to deal with the stuff you see in photos.
Didn't he die?


This story features a visually amazing blood clot that was formed inside the branching lung airways of the right side, and was expectorated intact.

It looks like a wet red tree.
If that's something you are comfortable with seeing, go ahead and click. It has a weird beauty.

I cannot imagine the discomfort involved. Clearly, that lung wasn't working at all.

Doc probably couldn't wait to write up that case study!
Its one of these "1 in a million" things even tho I would assume the chance for this blood clot to surface intact through a violent coughing is almost non-existing and would make lottery wins an every day affair for everybody ^^ I still cant believe it happened I mean LOOK at how fragile it is and its all
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