Could Frontier please demonstrate how to use the FSS enjoyably?

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The ADS had the same 'slot machine' concept.
'Slot machine' isn't exactly what I meant, but I couldn't thing of a better analogy, sorry. Maybe one will come to me.

Regardless, it would be more accurate to call the jump stage the 'slot machine', regardless of how you uncover the 'prize'.

Maybe the FSS is more like an advent calendar - you know there's chocolate in there, but it's enjoyable to open it.

Whatever, some people like it. I'm not judging them.
My experience with powerplay is. I've read everything in game about it and all the factions and I still don't really get where I'm supposed to take what.

I feel it's instructions ( if you can call them that) are vague and confusing.
I have not seen Frontier here, demonstrating to us how to use the FSS enjoyably yet....

Guess they have no idea either.

The two Adams did a live stream of it for the Beta and to be honest I've never seen such a bored to death face and anyone as bored as Adam Woods (the fella being guided by the Adam that made it)

At first I raved about the 'new' exploration tools here on these forums (a search of my posts should back that up) I felt they were good and enjoyable and I remember the feeling they gave me that 'something wonderful was going to happen' I was supportive, and believed Santa would come and bring Rouge planets, comets and Christmas cookies.
It didn't,
It began to dawn on me that things could go very wrong if I were to be spotted by a 'antagonist' while I had my nose stuck in the blueuniverse, different from my looking at the galactic map because I never spent more than a few seconds there, the FSS blueuniverse however was taking much longer periods, that meant on larger systems frequent visits to the surface were wise returning to starting again albeit with fewer signals.
On top of that, I realised that I'd been leaving this never before in my history of exploration disgusting snail trail of incomplete systems with my ruddy tag on them, that about finished my very brief love affair with the FSS.
More recently, an FD/Windows update lost all my key bindings that had taken ages of development, (and, no I hadn't back them up, still haven't as I'm not a thinker) which added to my distaste of the system,
: Can I use it to go places and explore, YES I CAN,
: Do I enjoy it... a small amount,
: Is there other things I'd rather do instead, HELL YES, I'd rather be making a mod for Skyrim and have the Creation Kit crash when I press save.
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