CQC/Arena Suggestions: Optional Handicaps (sort of like in friendly golf games etc)

CQC matches are no fun when one player dominates every single match. So if really good players were encouraged to impose via some setting or ship config option certain restrictions to make it more of a fair fight other players would be less likely to drop out of the match.

For example increasing a players rank accumulation rate for flying with no shield, reduced shield strength, reduced maneuverability, no F/A off, or only one weapon.

The current XP mechanics favors and promotes high ranked player massacring other players for the xp. If a higher ranked player could get 700 xp from 7 kills in deathmatch they might be willing to accept the handicap of no shields for the equivalent of 1400 xp per 2 kill or such.

The experience player get more xp faster, and since other players are less likely to leave more matches overall.

A "kill the carrier" mode where the highest ranked player is the carrier (in a ship with no weapons, say a sidewinder) is chased by the other players who are trying to destroy the carrier's ship. The carrier gets a base of xp per match, and xp for time evading the other players per death. The other players get xp for weapon damage, and kills.
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