CQC on XBOX One - Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat 20.00 IGT/UTC

Whether its for Quadruple Elite, to get better at flying and fighting, for a bit of fun or instant pew-pew on those long expeditions or trading trips, whether its to gain access to a Permit or because it may be a requirement for the Dark Wheel & Raxxla, whatever your reason lets get some regular CQC going on the XBOX.

I propose Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat 20.00 IGT/UTC for some regular matches, Ill be in the DM lobby and if we get enough we can switch to CTF or Team DM as well.

I'm only level 3 currently so don't worry if you haven't played yet, now is the time to start...hope to see you there.
It has been a bit busier in lobbies lately... starting about 3-4 hours earlier than your planned starting time.. it often will roll into your hours and pick up other players.

Cheers for promoting some additional rounds... I'm past level 3, but I still enjoy a round or two... I'll look for you :) o7

No luck tonight so will try again Wednesday, will try earlier as well. Good shooting all.

Spoke too soon, got an hour of CQC at about half past but got booted so called it a night. WP all and gg.

Back Wednesday.
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Oh... I had my time confused.
You are aiming at about 3pm Central US... and so I was saying the lobbies get busy about 4-4:30 US Central time lately (later evening UK/Ireland)... I'll keep watching.. Cheers.. o7
Couple games tonight, me now v lvl 5 v a lvl 8 who knows how to reverse turn, darn! Still dying a lot more than killing but getting bit better.

Still in DM for a bit if anybody wants to join or may try again later US time.
Saturday, Sat-ur-day, Saturday, Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting!

Well I didn't realise Elton meant for 15 minutes only but thanks and gg

Will be on for a bit if anybody out there...
Monday CQC starts in 5 minutes...come blow up a noob, I will fight back but it honestly will make little difference

took a while, kicked off about 20.20 IGT then got a solid hour, gg & wp all
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Yes that's right, tonight I shall be bumping into people as a new tactic ha ha

In Deathmatch lobby now, will play any format
Best turnout yet, straight into a game of 4 and then 6/7/8 for almost 2 hours, wp and gg all...some of you are monsters lol!

Still going strong when I left if anyone wants to jump in nows the time
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