CQC CQC Tuesday [Xbox]

Hey hey CQC loving Xbox CMDRs. Our weekly CQC Event continues well and we've recently spread intot hree time zones.

We host the event weekly as 8am, 9pm and midnight GalTime to cover as many time zones as possible, and our recently created xbox club (Elite Dangerous CQC Arena) is growing well.

Come join in and have some fun :D

We're heading back into CQC Tuesday from 9pm GalTime for our wonderful Xbox Commanders out there.We're looking forward to another great night of CQC Arena Matchups.

If you've never been in before, or just can't get a game, join us from 9pm Galtime to see what it's all about, and get involved! Party will be open on PBSF Pendragon from kickoff for those who can keep comms clean, and twitching the whole thing for those of you who just want to take a look!

Xbox One lovers, join us tonight for some good old fashioned CQC Tuesday Arena throwdowns. As every Tuesday (when the servers aren't playing up) we're headed into the Arena from 9pm Galtime

All you have to do to join in is head into the arena and search Deathmatch from 9pm GalTime. Don't be shy, come on and have a go against the best of the best (not me... seriously) as part of our CQC Tuesdays :D (y)

Come join us, you know you want to
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