CQC Update - ingame, bots and training ground...

A place (holographic playground) where we can go whilst in stations to participate in PVP, against bots and try out our new ship upgrades without fear of the rebuy - would also be a good place to retrain your flying skills if you've been away for a while (I seem to remember Wing Commander in 1990 having an ingame game where you could train against bots). Either that or give us a second CMDR slot.

It's annoying to upgrade to a new weapon type but have nowhere to test it out except in the heat of battle. How hot does it it run, damage numbers, secondary effect? and I suffer from Dyscalculia (numerically dyslexic) so the numbers in menus mean nothing to me, they just melt and fizzle away in my brain when I look at them.

Cheers & o7 [alien]
a flight simulator in a flight simulator ? interested.

no it is true, it must be only obvious, it is not about going out into (real) space to test his ship, but a limited and defined area, to make tests, totally fictional that we can reach without leaving the station.

just it really has to look like a simulation, with colors and boundaries that really give us the impression that it's a simulation.

I thought about it without daring to make the suggestion, I will have for example to avoid buying some ship if I had tested them previously.
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