Crash McCreery Skin Pack

I would be surprised if this was not already asked for; could we please get a special DLC skin pack, based on the various concept illustrations by Crash McCreery for the original trilogy dinosaurs?

The skins could include:
The Buck T-rex
JP Raptors (tan with brown stripes and spotting)
TLW Raptors
JP Parasaurolophus
JP3 Brachiosaurus
JP3 Ankylosaurus
JP3 Raptors

And perhaps some of McCreery's alternate patterns for these animals and others that didn't make it into the films too?
I doubt we'll see the Lost World raptors and T.rex as skins as those are males. All the dinosaurs in the game are female.
Technically, the female raptors in TLW were also a tiger striped variety, albeit a duller version than the males, it's easier to spot the difference when both sexes are in the same lighting. And the alpine Triceratops skin in the game is somewhat similar to the beige and dark gray male Triceratops skins in TLW and JP3. The basic para skins have the red heads that are attributed to the males in TLW concept art and film, while the taiga skin is closer to the actual female concept art. And many of the various skins (both basics and alternates) for some species do have certain colors and accents that you might expect to be more typical of males.

Additionally, since they are genetically engineered animals, where the skin phenotypes can be manipulated, it can be argued that some females could be cosmetically engineered to have more male-esque skins from the original trilogy, to better simulate a pseudo-natural population, without the "unauthorized breeding" in Juruassic World.
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