Crashed Beacons and Wrecked SRV's. Signs of a lost Colony?

Today I went into an unknown system and decided to check the surface of the first 2 planets. I found two crashed Nav beacons and one wrecked SRV with its cargo all over the place from my search of both of them. This was about 3000Ly from the bubble. Someone had suggested that this might be home to a lost colony and that I should investigate further. The system has about 15 landables. I know from recent research that if you come within 1000Ls of ruins or settlements that they will pop up on your Nav Panel. At least that's what I'm told. So the question is "Is this possibly signs of a lost colony or a previously populated system and will ruins For Sure pop up on my Nav if they're within distance and undiscovered?"
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See if persistent. If not it’s just random POI and don’t read anything into type.

For spawning, usually means something is about on planet but could just be a volcano for example. But could be anywhere on the planet. When searching for abandoned Rift bases we were getting POI local security ships on the other side of the planet.

They will concentrate near the site but can be misleading.

To find if a site you need mrk1 eyeball. Up and fly a search pattern looking for item on ground. Having spent days doing that I can tell you it’s frustrating but that or randomly landing and relying on luck are the options.
I do not fully understand your reply. So youre saying that I should do a visual search if I am looking for ruins or settlements and that police will be nearby, maybe close by? Police in deep space? What do you mean "see if persistent."
I'm afraid to say that most if not all landable planets within populated areas of the galaxy are basically littered with crashed satellites and nav beacons, wrecked SRV's, crashed ships, little mining installations and more besides. To break the 4th wall for a second these imply nothing at all - they're simply the game trying to make the surfaces of the planets we explore seem a little bit more interesting. But ... if you want to roleplay this and speculate the idea of a lost colony then that's terrific and a great way to enhance your ED experience.

As an example take a look at the travelogue of Cmdr Nick Sticks who's in the process of driving an SRV around a tiny moon out near the Colonia region of the galaxy.

However, if you're genuinely wondering if there are lost colonies to be found then I'm afraid you're probably[B]*1[/B] going to waste your time looking and ultimately be disappointed.

[B]*1[/B] I say probably because for all I know there could be a planet somewhere with an entire lost city on it waiting to be discovered!
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