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Crashing while core mining

Date & Time of Occurrence
3:42pm (24/3/2019) and 9:35am (25/3/19) AEST


Jonai 1 B Ring


Ship Type
Krait Mk2

A few seconds after blowing up an asteroid (and started collecting the materials), the game blue screened. Error codes were CE-38700-8 and CE-34878-0. I logged back into a rebuy screen on the first crash.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Fly Krait Mk2
2. Enter Void Opal Hotspot
3. Explode asteroid
4. Begin Collecting mining materials
Hi Guys
Same error happened to me twice today while core mining.
On both occasions I just sat still close to the blown asteroid while the limpets collected Void Opals. Both times the PS4 returned error code CE-34878-0.
Also ended up on the rebuy screen afterwards.
Worth mentioning: just before the blue screen my ship (Python both times) says "Hull integrity comprom..." and then the collected load and ship is gone.
I had the same thing happen to me on PC. Same ship, same procedure, same resources. The only difference is that when I logged back in the ship was not destroyed,just outside the asteroid ring I had been mining. The game crashed the moment the first limpet loaded the cargo into my ship.
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