Create a coaster that goes 80 mph, has >8 excite but <4 fear?

Trying to create that final coaster to beat the Oak Island Scenario, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make a coaster that goes 80 mph, has greater than 8 excitement but no more than 4 fear. Any tips?
Airtime, airtime, and more airtime.

Watch this video for how to build huge airtime hills and make the coaster essentially nothing but a long series of these.

Since that video was made, the changes in 1.1.something changed how G forces are calculated slightly so you need to make the descent side of the airtime hills slightly differently, but the ascent side is still the same. You'll figure it out. Anyway, prolonged airtime creates huge excitement and very little fear. Just what you need here.
giga coasters make good airtime
Yeah, to get a long string of big airtime hills, you need a big, tall coaster. You can probably squeeze this performance out of an Annubis hypercoaster if you put a little effort into it, though. I built one the other day just as an experiment with this airtime hill technique, not trying for any specific stats, and it just came out at about E 7.8 F 4.1, even with a very clumsy final bunny-hopping helix at the end. More work on that area and a few tweaks elsewhere might just do the trick. But instead, I just shaved about 2mph off the speed at the 1st block brake, dropping it to E 7.5 F 3.8, so more families would ride it ;)

I'm kinda tempted now to rebuild this thing to see if I can get E 8.1 F 3.8 out of it. It might just be possible.
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