Parks Created a Challenge Park

Since there is no scenario editor, I worked pretty hard at creating a true challenge park that isn't just a blank canvas. There's been no research done at all, you have no cash, and your loans are already maxed out. You think you can save this park?


Enjoy, and please, all feedback is welcome and encouraged. Positive or negative.
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August, year 15...Deemed successful.
Profitable. Saving up for first coaster.
Dang, crowds are scant!
Times were tough until the first loan was paid off, minimum payments a month for both loans.
Second loan then bumped up to max monthly payment.

Nice work, Yep, the first 6-8 months of getting a loan paid off it is pretty lean. Looks great! You're a master!

Harder Mode keeps the crowds way down and when they run out of money, they stick around WAY too long. I found building a very short/basic arrow first was a big step in the right direction. But you do have a liquidate a few things to pay for it, if you know what I mean.

Here is the coaster I built:

Hope you enjoy it. I am glad just to have a response.

the trick at start for all difficulties is - press pause and buy from the start money:
- 1 carousel
- 1 chief beef (all stuff with much mustard) - normal prices
- 1 cosmic cow - higher prices 7$
- 1 toilets - low prices 1$
- a short way at entrance
- banks+bins
- few trees
- 1 cleaner
- a little bit of time and then next attraction before hire the repairman

then wait.. research all what u want. the park runs very fine with this little setup and can sponsor all what u want or u can expand a little more with 2-3 more attraction+1 more chief beef+cosmic cow and train the seller.
the trick is: make your food really spicy. 80% runs and buy drinks after food and 50% after that to the toilet.

i have nothing more like this and can terraform as much as i want and i can build what i want.. its like sandbox mode - the start of my park before i began to build more than this "start setup":
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Yes, that's a good typical approach.
I found the quickest way to profitability for this park is to sell the scrap and the tornado, cloud, and arrow hidden inside the cloud then build small, but decent arrow coaster like mine above, a carousel, cosmic cow, and toilet. Theme them all well. Max payment on $5k loan, then wait. You'll go in the hole a few thousand dollars, but eventually pay off both loans and be profitable without putting any else down.

It looks challenging at first, but in the end, even harder mode, it's just a matter of patience.

Hope you all enjoyed.....sure hope they release a scenario editor soon. Takes a while to be able to have enough cash to teraform a park as it stands today.
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