Credits are too difficult now

it used to take 70 years to get 1 billion CR doing the same mind numbing activity over and over again until you needed to defecate in the corner and repeat a few hundred more times, a cleaner had to be employed to muck out behind the PC with a shovel, lay fresh straw for you and provide meals as to continue the quest for credits, exploits where thick and fast and you had to be there at launch to make the most of it.

now it only takes 12 solid hours of playing without stopping doing the exact same play loop over and over again to get 1 billion from nothing, (not unlocking engineers, ranks, permits etc) despite multi million pound games being completed in less than 2 hours this is unacceptable and needs to at least be 1 year of continuous uninterrupted play

for those who CBA to click all five Fallout games back to back in 1hr 38mins

this is kinda what happens when you speed run shizzle, nothing new, you can speed run any game to make it sound trivial and pointless, some of the kick starters still arnt billionaires, some of them dont have cutters yet, i dont have a corvette yet over 4 years in, let alone all the permits, combat elite etc, etc, etc,

knowing what you know now its easy to make money if thats your sole intention, but credits arnt in a bad place, you just know how to make them quicker than someone fresh, with all said and done i have done very little to earn credits in the past 3 years as it's not my gameplay, they're irrelevant, yes i have billions in the bank but so what? i fly a ~5m Cr dolphin.

if i soley spent the 4 years credit snaffling i would be a trillionaire by now, but i played the game instead, so should you. (if you can log in & accept the heat bug ;))
Hey, I got an idea! You play the game how you want in your fig leaf OP, and I'll play it the way I want. Emergent gameplay, yo.
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