Cross Species Socialization

The dinosaurs socializing with goats bug has given me an idea. I propose that Jurassic World Evolution should get an update that makes dinosaurs socialize with other dinosaur species.
This idea would be quite interesting if it leads tomore "logical" socialising between same kind of dinosaurs.
Take Ceratopsids and Sauropods for example.

Can't see carnivores socialising with herbivores other than goats.
Which is silly and funny enough. :)
This is majorly meant for socialization between herbivore species. Different carnivore species cannot socialize with each other unless they're in sandbox mode on isla nublar.
Something logical I think would be that hybrids could socialize with their "parent" species (Stegoceratops with Stegosaurus and Triceratops, Ankylodocus with Diplodocus and Ankylosaurus, Indominus and Spinoraptor with Velocirraptor...and even some T.rex/Indominus, Spinosaurus/Spinoraptor, Indominus/Indoraptor or Indoraptor/Velocirraptor socializing before they try to kill each other)
Or how about a raised in hatchery together perk that couples with the cross species gene. We see in modern parks bears, lions, and tigers together getting along. If you use the cross speciex gene and activate raise together as a hatchery upgrade those carnivores will get along with each other in the same enclosure. Same concept as getting a puppy and kitten at the same time, they will get along and be friends as they grow up together.
I think rexes should socialize with each other since they did in the films and research has indicated that they may have been pack animals to some degree. Definitely support this idea!
Animals of different species generally don't socialize. Except maybe in rare cases when one animal adopts a younger animal of a different species or if two individual animals become actual friends.
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