Crusina presents: Nomad an Elite Dangerous Montage


Over a year ago I released my previous exploration montage, “Finding Home” and was met with an incredible reception from every part of this community.

As an explorer I know how to seek interesting places. I know I want to go to places even if I don’t think they will have anything. I know when to not waste time, I know when to waste time. I know when to go fast or slow.

But no matter how many times I make a montage there is only so many ways to present what Elite Dangerous is as a game. Ever since my first montage I had strayed away from including civilization or combat. But with Nomad I wanted to challenge myself, how can I find rarer systems, more interesting places, more finds that people could play for thousands of hours exploring and never find anything like it. And I wanted to present more then just exploration, I wanted to showcase Elite Dangerous as the game we play in the most dramatic way possible.

So I went on three expeditions. The first was a months long expedition circumnavigating the core near Sag A. The reason for this was simple, while I was bored and looking through the center of the galaxy I came across a planetary nebula. I thought “Wow, this is g hard to see.” And it occurred to me that no matter how many times people had gone to the core surely their would be planetary nebula people hadn’t seen? And so I spent hours going up and down and criss cross with all stars turned off to spot planetary nebula. I marked over 120 of them over the course of my trip. But I didn’t stop there, I explored the area within a 10,000 ly radius of colonia simply because I knew the more I find these places and the more I leave a mark, the more likely someone will curse my name for having found all the interesting stuff years from now. Then I went to the bubble and came back to the core because I was bored.

Out of thousands of systems visited these ones are the most interesting ones I found. If anyone of them doesn’t work in the system map let me know so I can correct them.

In addition, it was an absolute pleasure to for the first time ever in my youtube career, work with other people in creating a montage. Every single person that helped me will be listed in a B side montage coming soon. For those who did work with me and see this post, thank you. I hope the video lives up to the wait.
Anyways, the end result is over 300GB of video that I had to upload and download to my other computer. And hundreds of clips I had to trim, watch over and over, recycle by accident, panic when I don’t see them, and get them back before emptying the bin because I needed more space. I had fun. Mostly.
Lastly, thank you to FD. Elite is a game that no matter how many flaws I find I somehow always come back to. You could call it the best flawed game in existence.

Interesting systems found during the creation of this montage:

Interesting Systems found:

SYSTUA AOSCS AA-A E16 – One of the most interesting systems I have ever found. It consists of a B class primary star with a F, A, T, and another F class star ALL WITHIN 100 LS OF EACH OTHER. In all my time exploring I have never seen more then 5 stars in such close proximity but I have also never seen so many stars so close to one another. Truly an incredible system. You can see this one towards the end of the montage. I challenge anyone to find more then 5 stars in such close proximity.

EORL PHYLOI BA-A G2 – Dual Black hole system with multiple stars with one Y class that has two orbiting water worlds and a landable planet orbiting one of them.

WRUPAEA AA-A H7 – another dual black hole system with a L class star with twin water worlds orbiting the L class.

MYUMBA NX-A D1-1462 – nothing to special, I just had never found a C-J class carbon star.

SPOIHAAE YE-A G3 – Ever wanted to encounter 4 neutron stars and a black hole within 30ls of each other? Go here.

DRYOOE PROU OM-V C2-95 – 14km deep canyons inside a beautiful reddish nebula giving a vibrant red hue to the planet and canyon.

DRUMBAAE DS-J D9-307 – Ever wanted to live in a system with a neutron star and an earthlike and 3 water worlds? This is your system.

DRYOOE PROOE AP-Z D51 – Red Giant with an Earthlike

Eol Prou TH-S b34-38 – orbiting the L class star is a tiny 376km planet, it’s the second one for the L class. And it orbits around the star fast enough that you can see the planet actually moving. It’s like mitterand hollow but with a big orbit.

HYPOAE SCRAA WZ-Y E98 – A Red Giant, a black hole, and a neutron star walk into a system and tears everyone apart. JK, the real standout from this system is not that it has all three of those but that the primary “star” is a black hole with a gas giant orbiting only 12ls away.

SWOILZ AH-D C12-0 – Nothing to exceptional except for the fact that this hot Jupiter is ringed and has orbiting moons 12ls away from the main star.

EULAIL ZE-A G21 – There’s a reason why this system has no planets, most likely has to do with it having 5 neutron stars and 3 black holes.

DRUMBAAE QY-R D4-411 – Water worlds around L Y or Tauri stars are rare. Having one around a ringed Y class is rarer. Having a moon orbiting said water world so close that it nearly covers the entire horizon and is landable makes this system stand out. It’s also near the galactic roof of the galaxy.

DRUMBAAE FK-C D14-22 – Ringed Earthlike near the roof of the galaxy orbiting a neutron star

HIP 51358 – There is nothing special about this K class Giant star aside from the fact that I found it near the bubble, it’s an HIP system, and I found it not you stinky other players.

Drumbaae AA-A H155 – System is noticeable for having a neutron star with rings 10ls wide but in addition to that, the rings themselves towards the center going towards the star act really weird. When you fly close you can notice that they are moving extremely fast. Soon as you drop out of supercruise (don’t be like me and crash, it caused me a level of panic I had NEVER had before in this game as I was cared of losing my data as I saw what happened next) you will notice that the rings, the asteroids ORBIT RIDICULOUSLY FAST IN NORMAL SPACE. And as soon as you get close enough they stop and act like any other asteroid belt. I crashed into them accidentally and panicked as I thought the rocks were going to smash into my ship as I was spinning out of control. I challenge a VR player to experience it. Even without VR it made me feel disoriented.

DRYI AUG AA-A H28 – Another ringed neutron star surrounded by stars.

BYEIA EURK RJ-P C22-0 – During the montage you will see a planet orbiting super close to an icy ring. Well first of all that is in orbit around a gas giant, it’s close enough you could literally fly to it in the normal space if atmospheric flight was a thing. And while it looks like a super fast time lapse, it’s actually close to the actual orbiting speed of the planet. I was very happy. Also it has a gas giant that has....3 smaller gas giants for moons, two of which have rings...and yeah weird.

BYOI AEG AA-A H0– A ringed white dwarf with a gas giant and landable planet quite close.

TREQEIA BA-A F6 – A black hole primary with a white dwarf, neutron star, and two gas giants within 2ls of each other.

Myumba AA-A H54 – Wolf Rayet Primary with a supergiant A class that just barely loses to the all time record of largest A class star ever found.

SYSTUA AOSCS VN-K C8-0 – This system is not special because it’s near the limist of the roof of the galaxy, it’s special because it has a landable planet close enough that you can clearly see the triple stars that make up the core of this solar system. They are super close stars, combined with the proper angle and you can view basically the entire galaxy as a backdrop to the three stars. I use this place twice in my montage.


What makes these ten systems so special? They are ALL planetary nebula discovered by me near the galactic core. I visited bookmarked, and deleted to make room for more bookmarks, over 120 planetary nebula near the core. The last one in particular stands as the rarest system I have ever found, with only the 5 stars within 100ls possibly rivaling it. Simply put, there is a limited amount of planetary nebula in the game compared to everything else. So when you find one that has an earth like planet inside of it completely undiscovered…you rejoice because the chances of finding an earth like is rare. The chances of finding one near a neutron star is rarer. Finding one inside a planetary nebula filled me with a sense of wonder that is hard to describe.

All in all, I'm super excited to show this to you all. I hope you enjoy.
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Impressive & outstanding stuff. Some spot on editing combining visual visual elements with the musical score.

Also a very good demonstration of just what the game engine is capable of producing.

Have a well deserved +1.
Great video of some very amazing visuals from a simple little video game. :cool: I can't give this enough rep. And thanks for the list of systems. I'll have to make it a point to visit some of these to see and experience them firsthand. Thank you for taking the time to compile, edit, and share.
Ugh, fantastic montage, well done!!!
Once in a while a video pops up which reminds me why ED is the best spacegame out there and how little I have seen up untill now.
All the more reason to keep playing!

Very inspiring video!!
Thank you for sharing this.

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