Cryolophosaurus & Alioramus toy?

it seems that Cryolophosaurus is now going to be a toy and there is a very high chance my friends that we could see it in Jurassic world evolution in the future Maybe. although even though I'm talking about dolls it still is a highlight on what the Cryolophosaurus in the Jurassic world franchise will look likeif added to Jurassic world evolution and it looks awesome. Alioramus another small Tyrannosaur from Asia this is definitely most surprising as well if added to Jurassic world Evolution we would definitely have a small tyrannosaur that would definitely be unique enough to warrant an inclusion into the game

In a crocodilian that might be Deinosuchus, the other one looks like irritator, although the others I can't identify it just looks really cool and it may not be Canon or not even though it's a toy line it still gives us a good idea of what these dinosaurs would look like.
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Cryolophosaurus was present in the PS1 game 'Warpath: Jurassic Park', and is one of the more commonly requested carnivores last I checked (it was on my own list of dino requests for that matter). That plus its introduction into the JW Toyline hopefully means it has a decent chance of getting added into the game.
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