CtD after catching a ride to Hutton Orbital on the Gnosis?

Anyone else travel Varati -> ALpha Centauri with The Gnosis this morning?

I'm getting a CtD when I try to start (perils of shortcuts eh!) - anyone managed to launch, am I just lucky?

Don't want to bother with a support ticket if it's everyone...


That's what you get for booking a flight with Canonn Airways.

Would have thought people would be wise to this by now. [sad]
When people ask why we can't have Fleet Carriers I just point to the The Gnosis, getting stuck in planet rings, attacked by 'goids, refusing to jump (last week), and refusing to let you play (today).

I expect your CMDR has been abducted off the Gnosis by aliens. Say hello to Consuela Knight if you meet her wherever you are.

Did the Gnosis turn up at Hutton with nobody aboard? Half-eaten meals lying around, and so forth?
Like a cruel cruel joke, those of us who were docked on The Gnosis can get back in the game but only by being deposited in Alpha Centauri.... at the star... .22ly from the ship we were on... Back in the game, which is good, but I would have stayed in Varati if I thought I was going to have to make that trip out to Hutton ever again!
I have to say, this makes me feel much better about going to Hutton the old fashioned way last night. Not only do I get to log in at the correct station tonight, but I managed to get my shopping done during the flight out ;)
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