Current Content Creators (YouTube and Twitch)

Hi Everyone,

Recently I've been getting more and more into Elite Dangerous and I've been amazed by the supportive community nature and deep roleplay/lore element to the game. I'd like to get into some content creation for the game, in the form of a multi-user YouTube and Twitch stream to achieve regular content release in the most efficient way possible. With this in mind, I'd like to do my market research and hopefully find a couple of like-minded individuals to talk to about my ideas. I've already taken a look at YouTube, checking out users such as ObsidianAnt, but I'd like you guys to fill me in on everyone I've missed. Not only will this give me a chance to do research, but also provide me with more passages to discover lore and potential content that I've missed in my time so far. So, fire away!


CMDR Rengal Black.
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