Roller Coasters Cursed Tomb

After days of wandering the desert, I've finally reached salvation! There's a market here and all seems pleasant. However, as I explored the market nearby, it became more and more apparent that a dark presence loomed somewhere close. After trekking further out of the town and through the jungle, I came across a strange piece of architecture; two statues - a skeletal ruler of sorts...and beside him, a gigantic snake. After close inspection, this seemed to mark the entrance to a tomb.

"It's the tomb of Emeraldis.". I whipped round to see an archaeologist wearing tattered explorers' gear and a pair of pristine spectacles, smiling at my assumed curiosity.
"Emeraldis?" I asked, "Who is this?". The archaeologist looked up at the two statues, paused for a moment, and replied, "He was once a pharaoh in this land. Won't see him in any of the history books I'm afraid, he was a notorious one. He had a real knack for treasure; golden artifacts, rare jewels and the like, you see. Sometimes he would even kill for these. He seemed to care more about his own greed than the people who served him."

"But that wasn't the only thing he was fond of", the archaeologist added, pulling a scrap of parchment out of a leather pouch, "He was known to have had quite a passion for snakes". I looked up at the giant snake statue embedded in the tomb entrance and nodded. The archaeologist unfolded the scrap of parchment and continued, "This early drawing shows him as a skeletal figure, which certainly illustrates how much of a monster he was during his lifetime. And here, you can see this serpent coming out of his back", he said, pointing at an emerald-eyed snake which indeed seemed to form part of the figure. "Many believe he had a python by his side at all times, perhaps this is how that was symbolised."
The archaeologist sighed. "But the rest is actually still a mystery", he breathed, stuffing the parchment back into the pouch. "Although some believe this tomb is in fact cursed". I was intrigued. The tomb really did seem to hold a lot of secrets.

"My brother owns a tourism business here, you know", said the archaeologist, I looked at him with astonishment. "I can see you simply must find out more, well wait no longer! Meet my brother at his post in the bazaar tonight and we'll soon have you on your way..."


Entering the bazaar, something isn't quite right here. The walls sound like they're vibrating and there's definitely wind howling through. You approach a lit room, complete with a sign above the window; "Marvolo's Emeraldis Tomb Tours". But there's nobody here. Marvolo has clearly left his post, unsurprising really given how cluttered his office is. But among the contents of the post, the floor is also littered with several news clippings. Headlines range from "Known tomb robbers spotted in jungle" to more intriguingly "Tourist attraction may hold elusive treasure". The reason for Marvolo's absence was becoming clearer...

You turn a corner and before you, there lies your mode of transportation; rusty mine carts, each with a rotting wooden interior. Take your seats, your tour is about to begin...

Within mere seconds, the train has taken you deeper into the jungle, until a statue of a snake comes into view. Suddenly, a man holding a lantern, another explorer it seems, shouts:

"Thank goodness! I was hoping someone would show up. Now listen, I need your help. This whole tourism business has only brought tomb robbers into the tomb, and they're after the treasure! I fear the curse of Emeraldis is about to be awoken..."

You foolishly ignore Marvolo's warnings and enter some kind of courtyard...and in its centre is what could be seen as the tomb's first line of defence; a gigantic scorpion lunges at the train with it's massive tail, missing its occupants by inches. The train then presses on into the tomb itself.

Why does the floor move? Because you've just found yourself in a snake pit, and at its center, a giant stone head seems to have different snakes pouring out of its mouth into the pit below. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard and a tomb robber angrily shakes his fist at you, shouting:

"What are you doing here?? Well whatever the matter, you fools have come too far now! This isn't even the worse of this tomb, just you wait! I'll stop you, the treasure is MINE!!"

With the first tomb robber out of sight, you've already ran into the other, although this one looks rather lost as he holds a single torch in an attempt to light the way:

"No more stupid tourists in this tomb, he he he! Wait, stop! You'll not beat us to the treasure! After them, Julio!"

After evading the tunnel of snakes, what's next? Alligators! And they seem hungry. Luckily, a secret entrance has just opened, beckoning you inside, as a distant voice rings out, "Here it is, Lucius, I've found it!"

The voice leads you into a room filled to the brim with treasure; Gold, jewels and chests as far as the eye can see in every corner.

"You again! How did you find us? The treasure is all MI- wait, what is happening?"

Indeed something is happening, as the doors which the robbers entered through have slammed shut. Simultaneously, ancient cogs spring to life and unlock the door on the other side of the room, releasing a horde of mummies onto both riders and robbers! The room is really caving in now, as the door behind you is sealed shut and finally, fire erupts from all four corners of the room! A door in front of you opens and, leaving Julio and Lucius behind, you're forced deeper still into the tomb...but not before discovering the chilling fate of another trainload. Could this have been the group who went before you?

Chaos now ensues, as your train begins to ascend and poison darts, arrows and axes alike are now firing out from the walls! And to add to all this, a giant boulder suddenly races down from overhead!

You now find yourself surrounding a huge pit of fire, and at its centre, a monstrous statue of Emeraldis himself. Marvolo has finally caught up and, between gunshots, shouts:

"Where have you been?! Right, well you lot *grunts* need to get out of here now! They've only gone and awoken the flipping curse of Emeraldis!"

Julio and Lucius can be seen on the statue, returning fire at Marvolo, as a group of mummies can be seen trying to make a grab for the robbers. Suddenly, Marvolo's warnings are finally proven correct, as flames shoot out from the eyes of Emeraldis! The curse is very much alive as you make your escape past a horde of mummies and Marvolo pipes up from behind:

"No...NO! The curse is upon me! Save yourselves..."

The train now plunges into blackness. Your senses are completely disorientated as you speed through the darkness, until a secret passage comes into view and your train is pulled forward into a trommel tunnel. It seems Emeraldis wants you for one final show...

Julio and Lucius have now been captured, bound and held at the mercy of what appears to be a ghoulish, possessed version of Marvolo, as a giant blade swings viciously above them:

"Tomb robbers! You DARE to steal the treasure of Emeraldis! You shall now haunt this tomb for all eternity!"

Marvolo erupts into maniacal laughter as the room plunges into darkness, the robbers scream in terror and, accompanied by a single red strobe (and the 'spooky guillotine' sound effect), the robbers have met their doom...

Escaping from a scene of horror, your train approaches a plaque bearing a skull face, illuminated in red. This quickly vanishes in a flash of light, plunging you once again into darkness as you suddenly descend down a small drop, leading you into a tunnel of torches, lighting briefly in wave form to give the impression you're travelling faster than you actually are. Your train alarmingly accelerates up the slope into blackness once again...

Finally free from the clutches of Emeraldis, your train slows down into an overgrown ruin...and turning a corner, you come face-to-face with the ghostly silhouettes of none other than Julio and Lucius. Both tried to steal the Pharaoh's pay the price of their actions, and remain under the control of Emeraldis. Forever...

You then disembark from your train and exit down the stairs...where Emeraldis is waiting for you for one last temptation. You choose to escape into the daylight with your mortal lives...or suffer the same fate as the two who have stolen before...

...and that is Cursed Tomb! Let me know of any improvements. :D
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That's a ripping yarn and the ride looks to be quite exciting! Is this part of a park or a stand-alone blueprint?

It might look better if the "Cursed Tomb" sign was out down the path a ways instead of on the facade. Would Emeraldis advertise that? :D
That's a ripping yarn and the ride looks to be quite exciting! Is this part of a park or a stand-alone blueprint?

It might look better if the "Cursed Tomb" sign was out down the path a ways instead of on the facade. Would Emeraldis advertise that? :D
Yep, this is actually part of a park. :D and while I might try moving the sign, I actually prefer it where it is, as not only can it be seen from a distance, but also its basically the same as Terror Tomb (or Tomb Blaster) and Revenge of the Mummy having their signs on the facade :D
Yep, this is actually part of a park. :D and while I might try moving the sign, I actually prefer it where it is, as not only can it be seen from a distance, but also its basically the same as Terror Tomb (or Tomb Blaster) and Revenge of the Mummy having their signs on the facade :D
Yes, it's a matter of personal taste. If you're trying to look like a real park, then do what they do. If you're going for your own look, then do something else ;). It's a question of whether the whole facade is considered to be the ride's sign, and thus part of the mundane world, or whether it's supposed to be part of the magical world of the ride.
Thanks everyone who commented on this! :D Cursed Tomb has recently seen some minor improvements so I'll update on that now:

Additional details have been added outside, including a new entertainment point (appropriately nestled inside a tent) which allows Renee Fue to roam between here and the Lost Ruins. This really brings the story to life even before you've entered the queue:

This has been on the cards for a while but there's now a priority pass queue!

The scene in the queue depicting Marvolo's post has been completely refitted, making it look more like an actual office, but it also now appears a lot clearer that Marvolo has closed up shop and hurriedly abandoned his post, supposedly to investigate the tomb...

The station has received some additional bits of theming here and there:

The trommel tunnel now has improved lighting (which took me a while to set up), which ultimately improves the illusion intended:

Finally, the finale has received some trim pieces surrounding the pit...and in the pit, a horde of mummies now surround the doomed tomb robbers, which makes the finale that much more terrifying!
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