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Custom sign text disappearing


Most of the time

Area of Game Affected

Custom signs lose the text written on them (defaulting to blank signs) - this happens all the time and i have to workaround by deleting and pressing the undo button. When i do this the text magically reappears. It happens on horizontal rectangle 1 large lit , 2 large lit, 3 large lit, oval large lit and others.

Steps to Reproduce
load a game - text on all my custom signs disappears, play a while, text disappears..........


Frontier QA Team
Staff member
Please can you share a park save in which this is happening so I can check it out?

Park saves can be found in a folder with your SteamID in the following location:

C:\Users\%username%\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Planet Coaster

Once you have located the save in question, simply zip it and upload to a file sharing site of your choice (such as Dropbox).
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