Custom spotlight colors

When you click on the spotlight a window could pop up with a few default colors and a color picker (maybe a brightness option as well so we can change the color of the light to be anything. This would be nice especially for inside dark rides.

and after you pick the color/brightness the window minimizes into a little tab above your props so you can change it before placing another light down or edit it when you select the light.
I actually was hoping that when they implement the colored decorations and building pieces (I think they said in a live stream that it was going to happen, just that it wasn't ready) they would do it for the spotlights too. I would rather have one item for the spotlight and just be able to change the color. As great as the default colors are, sometimes I might want a different color, like orange for a moody area or a dark teal for an underwater theme or something. And the default green and magenta are so bright that they overpower everything they shine on. [haha]
On top of a color palette, I think it could also use a brightness slider so you don't have that situation of the light being too overpowering based on the color chosen. Possibly even adding another slider to determine how wide or narrow the light shines as well? Maybe how wide or narrow could even determine the brightness factor so they would only need to make 1 slider to solve that problem? Just tossing out ideas! =)