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If they decide to make ED 2, updating the game to come into line with modern expectations and actually fleshed out/emphasized the multiplayer aspect in a fair and productive fashion I would definitely be interested in paying for that following release and reviews.

I have no personal interest in any of their other products, outside of the small fortune I've already spent on ED. If I approved of their handling of ED up to this point I'd still be rewarding them with cosmetic purchases, as well as buying multiple copies of all their newest releases just to say thank you, but I don't so I'm not:)
It's a mess.


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Anything in the Planet Franchise or similar preorder or kickstart for sure, Otherwise it depends on the game. I do own all their self published games so far.. Sim games are my thing.


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I would pre-order/kickstart a new game by Frontier Developments, since I love simulation games and their attention for details that they put into their games. I also happen to be a fan of theme parks and zoos, so Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo were an easy YES without any need to think about those pre-orders. I also own Jurassic World Evolution which I really like as a mix between a theme park and an 'adventurous zoo' and I also like to proudly fly around my Cobra Mk III every once in a while in Elite: Dangerous.
Definitely 1! Why, because frontier has not disappointed me with a game yet. True, I don't play all their games but the ones I do play I am very happy with so if they have another simulator type game I am in!
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