Customising food and drink options in parks


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I have had another idea. I don't think this idea is necessary of course and it seems a little silly, but it would add a sense of realism to the game. I remember in RCT3 each food/drink stall has multiple food options you could customise, e.g. quarter pounder burgers, half pounders.. in which you could choose cheese, lettuce, and tomato content. I would love it if we could take this further and invent our own options. I am particularly interested in my park catering for all diets. I want chief beef to serve veggie burgers, have gluten free options and Cosmic Cow to have to have the option of soya milk! Of course this could be used in many other ways, this is just what I want to do with my parks:). Another idea that would probably require a lot more development but add to the management park of the game. If there were preset options, and you may have guests that will come to the park and get frustrated and upset because they can't find anything to eat/drink i.e. "I can't find anything suitable for me to eat." as this can be a a real frustration in theme parks for people with specialist diets. It could affect the park rating?? Wondering your thoughts, I would still love the game without this, maybe it could be something introduced much later in development after release as I do not think it's a high priority.
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