Customizable Entrance (not cosmetic)

I was thinking about a customizable entrance, in a way that when you zoom into it, or when clicked upon, the roof is transparant, and you have to manage the cash registers.

At the start you start with 1 cash register, when there are more guests coming to the park, you have to add 1 more ( each register also has an automated employee, but this does add to the staff wages.

With a maximum of 10 cash registers.

And on top of that, there are 3 slots for "customizing" the park. e.g.

Souvenir shop
- slightly increases income
- slightly increases park popularity

Marketing bureau
- occasionaly increase guests
- slightly increases income

- slightly decrease guest thirst
- slightly decreases guest hunger

Guard lounge
- slightly decreases vandalism
- less guards are needed in the park

Handyman corner
- slightly decreases trash and vomit
- less handyman are needed in the park

Mechanic lounge
- slightly decreases ride downtime
- less mechanics are needed in the park

Entertainer lounge
- slightly increases guest happiness
- less entertainers are needed in the park

Scientist office
- slightly increase attraction operation speed ( not visual, but will increase overal income by 5% )

With the less "employee" needs you can use a one time high investment to decrease monthly costs
I havent fully thought about all options, but this way you can customize your park to your likings and needs.

It can also be that you can just unlock all of these, and they get more expensive the more you have, so at the end of a big park you have them all.

Suggestions appreciated

For example something like this: (and ofc this would be in 3D)

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It's a nice idea, I don't think it is needed personally, but I wouldn't say no to it either.

It does seem the park entrance is set also, with the 'buy a foundation stone' option, it would be hard to change it. The game needs a 50/50 split between building the park and running it, I think this might lean on the 'running' too much.

This is just my view of course,
Well it depends on how much influence it would have, thats why i put slightly in most things. You could just run the park fine without it, but if people want something extra, its there.
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