Customride (rollercoaster, Train, Waterrides) Deco should effect Fun Parameter

I think the Decoration and triggers of a "custom" ride should effect the Fun parameter in the ridestatistics. It is a bit sad that it matters not if you spend mutch time in cool scenery or simple throw the ride decoless in the are.
Especial due the Funfactor gets so hard decreased by the other 2 negative factors in the statistics (fear and Sickness). Would be a nice conterwight and a motivation to make cool scenerys.
The scenery around the ride affects the amount of money the peeps are willing to spend on the ride (Track Scenery Rating).

The scenery you place in your park around rides also affects the "Park Scenery Rating" which affects "Park Rating".

I hope I haven't confused you. It's not like the old RCT titles where scenery affects excitement rating, unfortunately.
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