Dinosaurs Cut Struthiomimus skin return

I’m not sure how many have already said this, but I think it would be cool if the cut cosmetic skin for the struthiomimus makes it into the game at some point.


(Credit goes to the official Jurassic World Evolution website.)

I see this cosmetic gene being a “Wetland” type gene due to its colorization.

How this can be included into the game is probably in the same fashion as the jungle spino and the vivid stego. Although, because it’s such an easy dinosaur to hatch, that might be a little red flag right there.
Alternatively, it could be something that could be unlocked though challenge mode on new future maps, just like how the Dr. Wu DLC, in addition to new skins for that DLC’s dinos, gave a new skin for the pachy,cephalosaurus, another dinosaur of the main game roster.
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