Powerplay Faction: Felicia Winters Cycle 120: Winters Corporate Downsizing In Progress

The following is intended for Federal aligned eyes only.

Overview: We fell into turmoil. 6 systems in turmoil to be exact. Are they worried about it at Winters HQ or at our Federal Liberal Command HQ?

If you want more details, and you want to understand why this is a good thing for Winters, join us at Federal Liberal Command's Discord to read and see why we're not worried: Our text and talk site is at https://discord.gg/h8rXcMG

In the meanwhile, please fortify the following systems:

LHS 235
LP 906-9

Consolidation/Preparation Votes: hold
Preparation: We can't, when in turmoil
Expansion: none.

Stay Frosty, and remember our FLC Motto: "Do What Is Right, Not What Is Easy"
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