Powerplay Faction: Felicia Winters Cycle 122: Felicia ignores the Thargoids

The following is intended for Federal aligned eyes only.

Overview: We dropped 2 more spots in the Rankings of PP folks.. but again, we're not worried. Its the continuing issues with the scoreboard and Frontier's way of scoring things (which we feel is flawed). We've lost 3 money loser's in systems and start the week in the black on starting CC, but that somehow is worth dropping 3 ranks. Perhaps when Frontier is done with fixing its other bugs from 2.4, it can get around to jiggling the PP scoring.

As always, while we try to check and update goals and objectives here at Reddit. you'll find real-time live updates and just darn nice people at our text/talk site at https://discord.gg/h8rXcMG

In the meanwhile, please fortify the following systems:
LHS 1887
LP 906-9

Consolidation/Preparation Votes: hold
Preparation: Hold Expansion: Hold:

Combat: The seemingly never-ending fight with for control of the Tujil/Reieni bubble continues, but this time we also have Torval to deal with.
Oppose Tujil (ALD). Security - Medium
Closest Control System: Bulkuylkana (33.67Ly)
Restock/Repair: Baadaga, Poisson Dock (11.80Ly)

Oppose Capo (Torval). Lower Priority. Security - High
Closest Control System: Yam (26.52Ly)
Restock/Repair: Kared, Stuart Station (11.00Ly)

Winters needs you! Stay Frosty, and remember our FLC Motto: "Do What Is Right, Not What Is Easy" CMDR Brantford.
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