Powerplay Faction: Felicia Winters Cycle 124 Objectives/Goals

The following is intended for Federal aligned eyes only.

Overview: We're #2. Yay us! (Hey Fdev, could you please explain how the ranking system and scoring in PP works, please?). Federal Pilots and allies also easily blocked ALD/Imperial attempts to expand into Col 285 Sector QN-T d3-77.

(As always, while we try to check and update goals and objectives here at Reddit. you'll find real-time live updates and just darn nice people at our text/talk site at https://discord.gg/h8rXcMG )

Expansion: Expand Reieni (top priority. Spend cash if you can): Haul Liberal Federal Aid from any control system - nearest are Bulkuylkana or Shenggan.

Fortify: (Low Priority)
LP 906-9
LFT 926
Fan Yin
Skeggiko O

Vote Consolidation if you have that option.

Winters needs you! Stay Frosty, and remember our FLC Motto: "Do What Is Right, Not What Is Easy" CMDR Brantford.
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