Powerplay Faction: Felicia Winters Cycle 125 Priorities and Goals - and a milestone!

The following is intended for Federal aligned eyes only.

Overview of Last Cycle

Without trying to sound too much like a propaganda post from a certain ragtag group allied together to stop the advancement of all things Federal, Cycle 124 was a huge success for the Federal United Command as a whole. Despite an impressive opposition from our enemies, both Hudson and Winters won our expansions and stopped Torval's expansion. To top that off, numerous personal and federal records were broken. Did you see the numbers being hauled?!? Mind blown! A cycle for the record books, to be sure.

The Federal Liberal Command (FLC) would like to thank all of the pilots who hauled to Reieni this cycle, and the many others fortifying or providing lightning-fast combat cover for them. In a normal cycle, hauling 10,000 tons would be considered outstanding work, and it is a testament to the depth of talent that 16 commanders did so this cycle. The forces of the FLC hauled at least 686,827 tons this cycle (580,000 to Reieni alone), with another 165,849 hauled by associated Winters forces. These all represent record-breaking numbers - the previous record for FLC hauling being 607,000 tons.

This cycle will have more hauling, some celebrating, and that general good feeling of being on the right side.

Stay Frosty, Commanders.

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Preparations & Consolidation

Please cast your votes for Consolidation.


We have no expansion this cycle, because we won all of the things last cycle.


54 G. Antlia


Looking to cause some trouble? Point your lasers at the following systems:


Happy Hunting, Commanders!

Diplomatic Overview

As of Cycle 125:
Aisling Duval - Anime Squad, Unfriendly
Archon Delaine - Best Pirates this side of Sag A, Neutral
Arissa Lavigny-Duval - Salty, Pew Pew Hostile
Denton Patreus - Heh, I forgot about this guy. Unfriendly Pew instead of Hostile Pew Pew
Edmund Mahon - Rotund, Neutral
Li Yong-Rui - #1 Source for Discounted Guns is Neutral
Pranav Antal - Space Hippies Don't Bother Us, Neutral
Yuri Grom - Hiding In Yuri's Private Gardens, Unfriendly
Zachary Hudson - Best Friends Forever, Allied
Zemina Torval - If anyone's still flying for Granny Z, they're Unfriendly

Mortis Imperio
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