Powerplay Faction: Felicia Winters CYCLE 136: Grom sets his eye on Kherthaje. Stop him. Expand to Miroman

Quick Cycle 135 Summary

We forted. We prepped Miroman. Not too exciting, but hey.. its not an exciting cycle every week.

One notable thing happened: Grom's fascist regime has decided to try and poach/expand a second former Aisling Duval system. Grom is making a push for Kherthaje to make a bid to bring Kherthaje into his private gardens. The FUC is honor-bound to liberate the region from being further influenced by the EGP before it becomes indoctrinated to their 'Hiding makes right' policies.

Stay Frosty, Commanders.

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Preparations & Consolidation

Hold on sending any Propaganda to the Preparations List. These are all systems prepared by our "Fifth Column" (5C) trying to give us negative CC systems.


End the Imperials attempt to enslave Miroman. Send Liberal Federal Aid there.


Haul Liberal Federal Packages to:

Zeta Trianguli Australis




Oppose Grom's turret-boats in Kherthaje

Happy Hunting, Commanders!

Diplomatic Overview

As of Cycle 135:

Aisling Duval - Letting Grom try to steal another former system? Unfriendly

Archon Delaine - Best Pirates this side of Sag A; Neutral

Arissa Lavigny-Duval - No New Year's Resolutions. Pew Pew Hostile

Denton Patreus - Unfriendly Pew instead of Hostile Pew Pew

Edmund Mahon - Rotund, Neutral

Li Yong-Rui - #1 Source for Discounted Guns is Neutral

Pranav Antal - Space Hippies Don't Bother Us, Neutral

Yuri Grom -Revving up the turret-boats in Yuri's Private Gardens, Unfriendly

Zachary Hudson - I <3 Pres. T-1000, Allied

Zemina Torval - Security System still needs upgrading. Unfriendly

Mortis Imperio
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