Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 200: Torval Still Stands Strong

Despite FUC & Kumo throwing everything they had at us our fortifications held & we avoided turmoil even though most of our systems were cancelled and undermined. Regrettably however our valiant effort at securing AF leporis was prevented narrowly, but we are ready to rise to the occasion again should the opportunity present itself.

Last cycle we stood firm as one against overwhelming odds, it is an achievement all Imperial Torvalians can be more than proud of. This cycle we remain vigilant for signs of further attacks but continue into the future with confidence.
Your "Mining and Trading power" profits from enforced servitude. Good lucking being proud of your achievements with the Empire's greatest failing proudly emblazoned on your banners.

also I'm mad that the mining lance wasn't worth all that grind
The mining lance is rubbish, we'd happily of told you that. Also Imperial Slaves are voluntary contractors who would rather earn an honourable wage doing a day's work than live in squalled conditions on social security like in other regimes.
Imperial Slaves are overworked and wish for death, which is why they invented the Mining Lance in hopes of being executed for their incompetence.
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