Powerplay Faction: Zachary Hudson Cycle 202 Strategy - Zachary Hudson

Last cycle was a good one for Hudson and the Federation - ALD, Torval and Aisling were denied their expansions, and Hudson was successful in bringing Kanus in the former Muncheim bubble back into the fold against very strong opposition. We also had BGS success in Wat Yu. Our priority this cycle is to fortify deep to gain a strong defence bonus.

Hudson organises 24/7 on the FUC Discord - do join up if you are a Hudson pledge in game. We also have a reddit which also updates objectives, but the Discord is where you will meet hundreds of other Hudson players, chat, share wing missions and be part of the community in game. Every playstyle can help in PowerPlay - from combat (PvE or PvP), trading, exploration, mission or passenger running, mining, as well as the strategic fortification of Hudson Systems and undermining of other powers control systems. If you are into BGS, Hudson offers the very toughest BGS available - join up to find out more!

Our Squadron on PC and PS4 is FRCS and on XBox is FEDX. Federals fly in Open when doing PowerPlay related activity, be it Forting, Prepping, Undermining, Expanding, or BGS activities... Why? There is no game if your opposition cannot attempt to stop you from doing these activities - similarly we hope our opposition also play in open to allow us to attempt to stop them... This is a concept called Fair Play ;)

Hudson Reddit Link FUC Discord Link
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