Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 215: Scrap Success Returns Hundreds of CC

Imperial Torvalian and ZYADA forces successfully completed the scrap operation returning over 800 CC to Senator Torval and over a hundred to her allies. This includes the ejecting from the Torval domain of the infamous Kappa Fornacis system which was acquired due to unknown dark forces.

However, our success did not end there with our BGS forces delivering many more systems to Torval bringing millions of extra citizens to the glorious imperial ways.

Once again superior imperial & ZYADA paramilitary commanders thwarted all FUC’s scheming to deliver unequivocal success that will no doubt have the Feds crying with despair when queuing for their daily bowl of soup & soap bar.

Our most grateful thanks to all those who made this possible.
Makes you wonder how I keep ending up on FUC's interdiction reports. Clearly those commanders are lying & FUC should ban them. :)
I was personally involved in killing your hauling cutter in torval expansion... ONCE, for hundreds of thousands of merits delivered in UM nobody see any other Torval cmdr hauling, yeah I saw 1 more, he menu or clogged after interdiction. Is it really this odd that you are accused for botting and abusing solo/pg given those circumstances? Salt not end because you fail to realise or are completely fine with the fact that you play different game. When Star citizen get released you will be left alone on this wasteland, for now FD lacking competition in online space sims, so they may remain conservative on fixing pvp related stuff and feed solo carebeers, but lack of any similar games is only reason a lot of players still playing with all * we have now, and i know a lot who quit game already done it exactly because of how PP look like now.
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