Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 219: BGS Success & Galactic News

Our BGS goes well for us with victory looking likely in our target systems. If successful it will hopefully act as a springboard to reducing yet more of our Fortification Triggers. We also welcome news that GalNet will stop spreading unfounded rumours about leading Imperials’ activities on their Fed leaning network. For unbiased news coverage only Imperial media sources convey the truth of things and should always be loyal Imperial citizens only choice.

Away from the Empire the collapse of Grom takes form with the Power now in full turmoil. EG Pilots remain part of ZYADA & will aid in combat operations whilst Grom Independent Squadron Union (GISU) with support of EG Pilots attempts to organise as the successor organisation to manage the dictator’s domain. The Imperial High Council stands shoulder to shoulder with Grom in hoping to build a future that benefits us both.

As Torval our successful campaign against FUC goes on with our ZYADA allies & the efforts of all commanders who facilitate the Empire’s endless glory is most appreciated.

Justinian Octavius
Elite Torval Consul & Imperial High Councillor
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