Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 246: Empire Sends Winters some Early Love for Valentines

The Empire continued its intense attack against the FUC-Kumo alliance last cycle keeping Winters in turmoil and forcing the Shadow President to lose 2 more systems from their ever shrinking domain. Once again the bravery, honour & superior skills of IHC pilots won the day against the galactic cesspool that constitutes the Federation.

At home, we continue our successful work at turning our space into a truly capitalist paradise of free trade & commerce without any productivity sapping social safe guards so that the Torvalian light of free enterprise continues to shine brightly in the galactic bubble.

For Torval, for the Empire!

Elite Torval Logo - Torval Blue - v2.1 - 256x256.png
Ok, I try diffrent argument, but pls just write here why this turmoil is so special that Winters can't drop bad systems that any other power could in similar scenario, pls go on. I just add that in current situation any kind of engaging PvP scenarios related to PP are impossible, nobody have good expansions and those made by Torval are by abusing PG 95%, other weaponized ones harm any power in such a way that nobody even try, and if one try, its opposed in PG. We are playing diffrent games, too bad those numbers in excel are content for you but not for most part of federal players, and bunch of people who quit game becouse of this, guess you consider this a win.
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