Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 260: Hudson Kicks Grom

Hudson pushed Grom into Turmoil whilst trying to bolster their economy so naturally Imperial forces appreciated the respite from the FUC menace to prepare for the next battle and contain hostile forces within the Dictator’s devastated domain.

At home we continue our work and whilst fortifying our defences using our financial might we recognise that many Imperial Torvalians will be making a multi-billion credit purchase in the near future. As such, I’m sure Senator Torval would approve of a reminder of the Comitium Statute on Shared Labour which states:-
Imperial Torvalians are expected to aid fellow Imperial Torvalians in improving their economic efficiency by sharing the locations of valuable mineral deposits and any high profit wing missions they are offered by Minor Factions.

For a richer Imperial Torvalian means a stronger and more glorious Empire,
A richer Imperial Torvalian means a safer and secure Torval!

May the credits flow this cycle and forever!
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