Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 275: Winters Toilet Flushing Continues

Having had Belgitan in turmoil (losing it at 274 cycle end) due to the skill and determination of our glorious Imperial forces many would assume that Winters would double down on defensive measures. However, the Empire’s ever vigilant tacticians noticed they had seemingly decided to flush more of their territory down the toilet and were instead focusing on a limp public relations campaign designed to persuade Patreus that they should be friends. Needless to say the correct response was meted out to them and they now have the profitable Mbambiva & Nunuri spheres on their turmoil list.

Elsewhere in the galaxy Grom was put into Turmoil and we monitor the situation whilst at home one commander was promoted to Centurio for his continued service to Senator Torval.

Glory to the Empire & Torval!
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