Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 281: Operation Safeguard saves Barathaona & CD-27 5409

Thanks to the herculean effort of Torvalians against the massed forces of FUC and bugs the Federation was unable to force us to lose two of our most important weapons at Barathaona & CD-27 5409 and we exited Turmoil with a CC Reserve of 84 CC and a starting Balance of 64 CC. Huge appreciation and thanks to all those who assisted, Senator Torval will no doubt be raising a glass in your honour.

And in recognition of their efforts during Operation Safeguard three Torvalians became members of the Order of the Silver Lorica Hamata whilst ten were awarded the Protector of Torval Medal.

We have been tested and once again shown to be resilient beyond FUC’s ability & skill to triumph despite them benefiting from bugs. Torval will never be crushed!

Glory to Torval & the Empire!
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