Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 283: FUC Continues to Weaponize

Last cycle FUC threw a token assault at us whilst the bulk of their forces were trying a push a Weaponised Expansion against ALD. Their strategy though soon crumbled with our superior Imperial forces preventing the expansion attempt. With Federal forces elsewhere we managed to amass a CC Reserve of 413 CC with a Defence Bonus of 37.72%. This cycle however they are again targeting us with a Weaponised Expansion at LTT 9472 which we will, as ever, meet with determination and resolve.

Elsewhere Sirius suffered a 5C attack and appear to have self turmoiled rather than submit to the saboteurs.

The Silver Brassard was added to the honours available so that Optio Imperial Torvalians will be able to receive recognition for their loyalty and support to Senator Torval. Three commanders having already met the requirements for the Silver Brassard were awarded it. Many congratulations to them for receiving this deserved honour.

Glory to Torval & the Empire!
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