Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 288: FUC Goes for Trante whilst Grom Tries to Ruin Hudson’s Party

FUC are targeting us again this cycle with a Weaponised Expansion at Lulua which contests Trante. Torvalians’ resilience to such manoeuvres though has been repeatedly shown to be unwavering and the Federation will gain little from any victory. Elsewhere in the galaxy Grom seemingly decided to enact revenge for FUC’s attack on them over the previous cycles by deploying an Expansion that if successful will wreck Hudson’s; may the wind be at their backs.

Last cycle we consolidated to a CC Reserve of 303 CC and we have a Defence Bonus of 10% this cycle. Many thanks to all those who assisted in defending the Senator’s finances against the Federal menace.

Glory to Torval & the Empire!
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