Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 291: FUC Strategists Getting Coal From Santa

FUC’s heavy assault on us last cycle fizzled out to a whimper as our fortifiers rallied and closed off their avenue of attack. Thus, we were able to consolidate to a CC Reserve of 209 CC with a Defence Bonus of 18%. This cycle they have deployed a Weaponised Expansion against us again at LTT 9472; may their defeat be repeated.

There was also galactic outrage earlier today when Federal forces opened fire upon Santa’s sleigh as the bringer of Christmas joy was doing a test run from Sol to Achenar. The Imperial Senate has long pleaded with Mr Klaus to leave Earth and move to the Empire where he’d be more welcome. Unfortunately, as one Senator put it, ‘he’s a traditionalist, so what can we do? The Empire has a lot in common with Father Christmas as well, not least the recognition that a well-treated slave workforce is beneficial to both slaves and masters. Although we are rightly suspicious of the motives of most foreigners we can hardly extend that to Santa and his elves!’

Federal strategists and their military pawns will no doubt be opening their presents and finding a lump of coal in them for their deplorable act, which is basically a metaphor for how this year has gone for them.

Thanks to everyone who assisted Senator Torval last cycle and have a Merry Christmas!
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