Dark Marauders (pvp piracy)

Greetings cmdrs i am Thepirateorc, leader of Dark Marauders. This group started in 3303 and has been active ever since, we have 26 members and we are the only pvp piracy group on Xbox.

what we do
We sail the endless void of space in search for cargo to be robbed and drink to be consumed, our hard working limpets do the devil work when we are robbing Cmdrs. When we do rob cmdrs we avoid killing the cmdr as its bad for business. Killing a cmdr is a last resort to us as we will attempt to disable or negotiate with the cmdr. The procedure is as follows

pirate looking for cargo, stop for scan (though this is short when you are in super cruise you need to act fast to avoid the cmdr getting away however if the cmdr is far but im catching up I usually would include)

im only after cargo, run and I shoot, comply and everything will be ok (saying this gives the cmdr a better idea of what to expect when we will interdict them)

once we drop down its unknown what the cmdr will do, they could

  • run[where is it]
  • combat log[mad]
  • comply:D
  • shoot back:rolleyes:
  • shout abuse[haha]
If the cmdr complies they receive a 24hr pass, this is used to encourage cmdrs to comply with our demands so that they can get on with the cg for 24hrs without getting robbed.

if they run we will take the cargo by force and the cmdr will not receive a 24hr pass.

If they decide to shout abuse we will either blow up or just rob them its down to the pirate decision as theres no need to be rude.

if they log we will attempt to blow them up.

if they shout back it depends on the ship, for example, if a type 6 shoots at me we wont open fire but if a anaconda does then we will open fire.

Why we do it
pvp piracy isn't something a lot of people do and we wanted to stand out in the crowd and we have done so ever since we started. We are encouraged to pirate as we enjoy it and its great interaction with the cmdr though some don't take it nicely when we pirate them.

what's required to join

the only requirements to join is that you follow our pirate code which is
  • no combat logging what so ever in a combat situation( this includes menu logging)
  • 24hr compliance to ALL cmdrs who comply
  • no cmdr should be attacked without a reason
if you are interested simply reply here or message me on xbox gt thepirateorc or If you just want to see us in action then Cmdr Hairy Polo has a YouTube channel dedicated to the group link below.


o7 cmdrs
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Supply of rum has been stolen and has been placed on your ship for you to enjoy
Yarrr!!! The rum be so jolly, gentlemen o' fortune be all 'ere dancin' on the deck an' waitin' fer big ships!!! aye aye the kids be 'ungry!!!


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Interesting. I'll first start this game Thursday or Friday and can't wait to drop my cargo and yell some insults(for role playing reasons of course) ;)

Hope to get interdicted by y'all soon.
Interesting. I'll first start this game Thursday or Friday and can't wait to drop my cargo and yell some insults(for role playing reasons of course) ;)

Hope to get interdicted by y'all soon.
we don't rob sidewinders, haulers etc unless we are proper thirsty for cargo. The lowest ship we will rob is a type 6 but regardless of what ship you have now in time you will get interdicted by us and it is in that moment I hope you comply otherwise your thrusters will be destroyed yarrrr
Actually I have been thinking about joining with y'all when I start playing soon after I get some basics down
im always looking people to join, msg me on xbl thepirateorc when you get a chance and we will begin from there bare in mind im from Ireland but we do have Americans in the group who might be able to offer more assistance due to time zones but we will have fun nether or less
I been pirating since the sidewinder and have over a bil in black market sales. Hit me up on discord
Hey Wakko, pleasure to meet another gentleman o' fortune in the void.

I've added you as friend on Disc, pls let me know if you see my request.
Is the fact I like to shoot at other cmdrs valid a reason enough to shoot said cmdr?
Awww... well, anything personal is... personal LOL

We do have some RoE for that, let's say we can shoot down cops, white knights, bounty hunters... we don't attack traders unless it's for cargo.
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