David Braben Powerplay AMA

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Greetings Commanders!

At 4PM BST David will be taking the time to answer some of your questions about the Powerplay update.

David will answer as many of your questions as he can in the thread below. We'll also be answering as many questions as we can from yesterday's question thread, too.

Please post in a sensible manner, try not to repeat questions that have already been asked, and remember that questions should focus on the Powerplay update. Click the staff logo in the top-right of David's posts to skip to his next answer.

See all of David's responses in a closed thread by clicking here.

Thanks, and enjoy!
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Will there be an external website or app where we can keep up to date with current ‘powerplays’ and system conflicts, perhaps also with an evolving map?
I think it would be a great way of keeping people involved in the game whilst they are not able to actually play.
Powerplay group functions.

with powerplay bringing players together under one flag I would imagine that new groups will want to form up to protect their faction, with this in mind will powerplay or future updates for powerplay add a group management function like member search or the DDF discussed feature to automatically kick players from a group who attack another player that belongs to their group?
* Can you please give a 'typical' mission flow example detailing what can be done with the new mission system?
* Will the new mission system allow for follow on missions? I.E. Mission 1: find and scan person A -> Mission 2: trail person A and find out where he's bringing the super jumper of awesomeness -> Mission 3: Steal the super jumper of awesomeness through any means necessary.
* Why the hard limit of 20 powers at any one time?
Hello Mr. Braben! I'm extremely excited about 1.3, and I just have one simple question about it!

Will we be able to see pilots in the cockpits of our ships in 1.3? I'd love to be able to see a model of my character sitting in the pilot's seat when I take debug camera screenshots. It'd also help people realize the sense of scale and how big the ships really are.

The newsletter says: "The initial selection of factions will rise to a maximum of twenty as players provide assistance to minor local forces; as those forces establish a foothold across a handful of systems, they may rise to become Powers in their own right."

Does is mean that a group of players can create a power out of minor faction? Emperors Grace is alliance of several imperial player groups, we were working for Emperors grace minor faction in several places. Can we make it a "Power"?

David Braben

CEO & Founder
From CdrTwisted:

Does this mean the existing missions are staying but there will be more, or are the existing missions getting a good scrub?

It’s a mixture of both. The core mission system has been completely overhauled to allow better support and extensibility – which means we can do more with it as we move forwards both now and beyond the Powerplay update. Two main examples for the Powerplay update is the ability to find mission ships in supercruise and ambient traffic - so not just in USSs. There’s also better integration of mission branching in the inbox.

'Random NPC chatter' (ie. In conflict zone, "..Your ticket ...truly punched!") seems to have few variants and quickly tired of lack of originality or variety. I think a writer could add a myriad of responses that the conditions would be able to pick (either weighted/seeded or totally randomized) which would enhance a player's gaming experience exponentially by not encouraging a feeling of repetition with so few AI response choices.

Is there any plans in the not so distant future to augment gameplay with more AI variety of responses? Please?
Greets from a premium founder, thanks alot for what you & frontier done so far.

My questions :

1) Wings still broken: Randomly people remain invisible in a wing, wont get shared rewards. Other times they join PRIVATE group, and is "put into open game" so they cant be invited etc. 4 player limit should be upgrader to 8 atleast.

2) Keybind for asking for docking permit, auto target & request nearest station for permit?

3) Keybind for landing lights on-off, plus icon showing its on/off.

4) Keybind for activate/deactive the automatic turrets etc

5) Improved navigation system, be able to select start & end stations, plus be able to save & share the route, reverse the route etc.

6) Improved text chat system so -groups- (not just wings) can talk to eachother, this would lift community feeling good bit.

7) Current map system is an immersion breaker. Would be better if we could access map as a hologram within cockpit, zooming in/out seemlessly from galaxy to system
level. (see movie Prometheus)

8) HUD looks equal for any and all ships even across factions federal/imperial etc, this is sad and immersion breaker. Unique HUDs please.
If you can't reveal the release date of Powerplay, can you confirm if there will be a beta test period for Alpha/Beta backers before the release goes live?
Good morning/afternoon David,

Can you please expound on the perk system in Powerplay? Will there be any kinds of rewards which we have not seen yet? How do you feel about bonuses/passives/perks as rewards from a design perspective in this game?

I hope this is the end of being an ally and holding high rank in both the Emipre and the Federation. Will we now need to make up our minds? :)
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