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I expected the Vulture to require Federal rank, as it's a high end Core Dynamics combat ship. Is there something else coming for the Feds to be the counterpart for the Imperial Courier?
Can i go pledge for the independant faction in Jotunheim and expand them with a group to become a major power? Can we start planning and working towards this before 1.3 or not?
We in the Code would like to know if there is to become an Independent Ararchy power in the Lave cluster for us to support in order that we can remove the Old Alliance from the area.

David Braben

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Are there plans to give people reasons to venture into dangerous anarchies and enemy held space in trade ships? My friends would love to do the whole "trade ship and escorts" convoy, but there aren't really many reasons for us to do that at the moment.

Yes. Powerplay should do this.
Good day, David! Thanks a lot for a dream come true!

We compared SOL with reference and it feels far from what we are used to seeing:


But this is a problem not only with SOL, overall representation of light from stars and shadows all across the galaxy are uncomfortable. Can we expect improvement in lights and shadows effects to bee more accurate?

More details here:
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Ok ths is a 2 in one question.

Can we have some info on the Diamond back?
- Landing pad size
- Who makes it
- Price estermated if no actual figure
- Faction locked? like the clipper or Driftship.

Second, Will there be changes to insurance? your newsletter said you wanted players to more risk with combat etc, we would if we didn't have a 2+ million repair bill every time we got killed.
Will all the powers have characters such Petraeus and will they all be represented with 3d art models?
will they be created by artists or will they procedurally generated?
Currently there are no minor factions anywhere near being promoted to being a Power.

Can you clarify what these 'powers' are and how are they different to the 'Empire, Alliance and Federation', are they sub-sets of each major faction or something?
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