day and night cycle

i have to five star all campaihgn islands to unlock this on teh said islands?
are u gently caressing kidding me ? i have to play through bugged 5 stars to get a feature that should be there from the start? LOL im ded next time maybe do it so thata fetr 100 hours gameplay we get the first dino this is as stupid as what u have done who decided this what i cant belive it XDDD
From what I understand from your statement, you're complaining that the day-night cycle requires you to 5-star the islands. The statement that followed the "LOL" doesn't make any sense.

Anyway, yes, the day-night cycle should have been part of the game in its release, but since the game was rushed because of Universals wishes to tie it in with the release of JW:FK, it was left out. That's why the implementation of the day-night cycle was delayed. Besides, its not that hard to 5-star the islands, considering you already have 100hrs of gameplay.
yea but u have to 5 start all islands before its available as i 5 starred the first3 yesterday didnt get it in the options. this is pathetic
I likewise feel that the arbitrary lock on Day/Night cycle is certainly contrived. I think pretty much every player would want day night cycle earlier on those islands. I also respect Frontier's desire to have thematic islands in the game. That said, I believe constructive criticism can be a good and healthy thing for games progress. That is how we got Day/Night cycle on all islands in the first place. I also believe the constructive criticism should be respectful. Behind Frontier are people who have lives and feelings. I ask that you keep up the constructive criticism, but tone back the insults. Hopefully, respectful requests and concerns can continue to be the foundation for change in this game.
Day/Night cycles as a feature was not ready in time for launch. It was added later. However, I think even with the rush the devs were trying to distinguish the 5 islands and give each distinct themes. The use of time-of-day, I feel, is an important part of this experience. When the feature was later added, they decided to preserve the artistic vision of the launch maps as they were made. I don't really think the current situation is unfair; video games "arbitrarily" lock features as a reward to good players all the time.
give us options tho its not the first place lol i think they did it on purpose like witht he dlc
The addition of the Day/Night cycle in a later patch was not done on purpose. In case you don't know, the game was rushed because of Universal, that's why it was left out during launch. And as Aramus 418 said, each island has their own unique theme, so if you want to change that theme, you use the day/night cycle by unlocking it as a reward. It's not that hard.
As I said in my earlier post, you have 100hrs of gameplay, surely you could 5-star the remaining islands easily.
If it has taken you 100 hours you should have easily 5 started each island. I did the whole campaign in 32 and that was slow.
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