DCS World News 2017

I'm trying to figure out Tomcat. No clue about the wing sweeping systems. Woss spoilers? Even with my ignorant attitude I managed landings on runway. Quite smooth even. Flies nicely. Even responsive, but feels quite heavy. Especially on speed bleed-off. Seems to need at least about 75% throttle. Can't tell the heck how fast is going and cheat with F2, lol.
They look good but this seems like a "wait for the reviews" situation. I foresee path finding issues, out of context/wrong hand signals, background NPCs standing there like statues. Any of those would ruin the experience I think.
I suspect you're probably right.

I won't be picking this up till they get the Helo ops element of it they seemed to be promising for the Arleigh Burke, seen as I don't really need a Cat team for my Harrier :D
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