DCS World News 2017

You got the A10C? Well, it's one of the most complex sims out there. Harrier is simple in comparison.
No - thoroughly scared of it after trying both the A10C and the Harrier on the last free-fly days and failing to to complete the switching on training for either - so I opted for the brave-sir-robin approach.

Despite my trevails I am enjoying flying the planes, but it's just rather painful at times - I spent 30+ minutes today setting up HOTAS bindings, VoiceAttack mappings and tuning the OpenTrack response curves, all just for the F/a-18, and then shut the game down - I routinely have to remind myself that it's very early days.

Then I looked at the Cougar MFDs before firmly reminding myself that ' it's very early days'.
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And you have to bind all the controls for every aircraft AND DCS allocates lots of duplicate bindings for all controllers.
Yes - I discovered the duplicate binding issue the hard way... my early take-off attempts with the F/a-18 were 'sub-optimal' and involved large explosions and many fire trucks...
DCS is amazing, but setting up controls is a complete PITA... That UI to set keybinds feels very dated and could use a complete facelift. Setting up HOTAS controls in X-Plane 11 is a breeze, in IL-2 Sturmovik is also much easier than in DCS. DCS hotas configuration is such a pain, that I've been putting off playing it again since I changed HOTAS because I dread setting up the binds again.
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