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Hey there all!

Hoping this is the right place to post this! I recently bought this game and started playing it on stream, and just fell in love with it. So in love that I started giving away codes for it and have currently given away 5 copies of the game and got a decent few friends playing the game. I also own my own community gaming discord, where we added an elite dangerous section that I want to advertise to you guys! I'm loving the community part for this game that I've seen so far, so i would love to help expand that!

The gaming community consists of multiple different areas for different games, and one of them is elite dangerous. Currently in our elite dangerous section, we have our own private session that's currently 0 PVP as a lot of us are newer to the game, and multiple discussion areas where you can chat and share your stories and information to other players. What we offer is a friendly, well moderated community discord, a place where your opinion actually matters to the moderator team!

If your interested in joining, I will leave a invite link here. When you join, all you need to do is go to role assignment and grab the roles for the games you play, and your sorted. You'll be able to get straight into the action! If you have any questions or want some answers, or if this is the wrong place to post this in please DM me and ill get back to you asap!
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