Decals have a hitbox?! Can that be changed?

I just finished building a swamp and used the amazing new moss decals on the surface of the water to simulate weeds/mats of vegetation. It looks incredible. Until, that is, my Alligators rise out of the water and start walking along the moss! :LOL: Would it be possible to remove the hitboxes on the decals? I can't think of any reason why they should have one as they are mainly used to make buildings look weathered. Would be great, thanks!
Wouldn't someone have had to intentionally add hitboxes? That wouldn't come with a graphic asset by default would it?
Considering it's easier to just copy and paste coding from other pieces / a template and make minor changes, over starting from scratch, that's probably how it happened. Somebody just forgot to remove the hitbox from the original piece of programming I'm guessing
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