December Streaming Schedule


Community Manager
Hi everyone!

With December being a little shorter due to the holidays, we’ll be doing two Jurassic World Evolution streams. Have no fear though, we’ll be sure to make these streams jam packed with super fun Let’s Play shenanigans, and we’ll even have a developer livestream too!

06/12/2018 THURSDAY 12PM UTC
Let’s Play with Steggs and Will

13/12/2018 THURSDAY 3PM UTC
Developer Livestream! More information soon.

17/12/2018 MONDAY 12PM UTC
Frontier's 24 Hour Charity Livestream!

It's been great getting to know all of you so far, and I’m really excited to meet more of you this month. See you in the chat!

Steggs :)
I do hope and pray that something good comes out. like a fix on the start up crashes. or new terrain tools and customization options. or even just bigger islands would be welcomed.
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